EUROPEAN FLAG Supersoft Cotton Socks - Blue/Yellow Stars - Unisex
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EUROPEAN FLAG Supersoft Cotton Socks - Blue/Yellow Stars - Unisex

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One Pair EU FLAG Supersoft Cotton Socks - If you enjoy being part of the European family and wish to show exactly that then these are a must. Great for work/meetings in Europe to show your friendship with our colleagues across EU27 - My partner finds that his friends/colleagues across Eurozone really appreciate them. We sent a pair delivered by hand with EU Supergirl to Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit negotiator and he said he would wear them for meetings with David Davies and give him a little flash LOL. Can be worn at action days too or subtlety when you wish to show your allegiance to start a gentle conversation. Or just wear to show where you stand! (see video for image of Guy Verhofstadt receiving his pair).

Also to wear for upcoming marches and rallies and join in the #SoxualRevolution #SocksandSandals #KickEmIntoTouch and #SockItToEm and support #PeoplesVote 

Unisex size will fit size 38 - 46 Ultra soft, comfy and highest quality.

European Blue Flag colour with Yellow stars EU flag design (Blue and Yellow)

Made beautifully in Spain by small family business who love what we are doing :D 

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